Driver App - No longer supporting Multiple Device Login

Super Dispatch will no longer allow multiple drivers login to the same mobile account

Updated over a week ago

Super Dispatch will no longer support multiple drivers' login to the same mobile account. We've stopped supporting multiple device login to improve data integrity. We've done this in response to customers experiencing sync errors and lost data when 2(+) people are logged in to a single app profile.

To ensure we provide a solution to our customers who often have multiple devices logged in simultaneously, we've developed a bump protocol. This protocol will warn a user that someone else is logged in and will allow them to bump the currently active user. 

How to Synchronize Unsaved Data with Super Dispatch?

  1. Launch the app on all your devices.

  2. If you have started the inspection process on these devices, could you complete the inspection?

  3. Press the Refresh button on the navigation bar (see the screenshot below)

  4. Wait for 20 minutes

  5. If you have dashboard access, you can visit the dashboard to ensure all data is available.

  6. Log out from the app. You should leave only one device active.

We used this method based on the feedback we received from you, and the Super Dispatch community, and we hope that you continue giving us your thoughts on how you're using the product in the field. 

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