Finding & adding your USDOT number

Adding your USDOT number will increase security of your account, prevent duplicate dashboard and mobile app accounts

Updated over a week ago

By adding an established industry standard unique ID (USDOT number) you can gain the stability and security that you've been able to enjoy from Super Dispatch to this point. 

This will also ensure your Bill of Ladings, Invoices, Mobile app, and your Dashboard are only accessed by you and authorized users. 

Once your USDOT is added, our trusted brokers will be able to send your business direct load offers by searching for your USDOT number. They will also have the ability to mark your business as a "preferred carrier" so you can gain more business.

To find your USDOT number, update the authority on it to include motor vehicles, or any further questions please visit the FMSCA website.

*Please note that this is for US based carriers only. For all international customers please use the support icon, a Super Dispatch representative can collect your information.  

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