Once you have QuickBooks Online integrated with your Super Dispatch dashboard, then you can start sending your Invoices directly to your QuickBooks account with a click of a button! This will ensure that your Accounting records are up to date.

In order send your Invoices to QB Online, follow these steps:

1. Login to your Super Dispatch Dashboard.

2. Find the Order containing the Invoice you wish to send to QuickBooks.

3. Click on the "Options" button next to the Order, then select "Send Invoice".

4. Please check the QuickBooks Online check icon. 

5. Please click on the Send button. 

6. You have successfully sent your invoice to QuickBooks Online.

If you wish to send an invoice to Email or/and QuickBooks Online, please select the appropriate box to send your invoice. You can select all options. 

For any inquires or requests please look to get help and reach out to support below.

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