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Carrier TMS - Accounts Receivable billing report
Carrier TMS - Accounts Receivable billing report

Accounts Receivables is the place to view all the money you are owed from each customer in one list.

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In order to make it easier for you, we have an Accounts Receivable feature, which is simply a list of all the companies that owe you money based on the invoices you have sent. 

To Find Accounts Receivable

Click on the Reports tab on left-hand menu on your dashboard.

How it works 

We fill this list from the invoices you have created and available in the BILLED tab. 

A company order will show up on this list if:

  • the load has been Delivered and Invoiced

You will be able to see these 4 important things on this screen:

  1. The calendar date range ("invoice sent date") of your choice

  2. The Company Name of each company that owes money, the number of orders they finished with you and the total amount of money they owe you

  3. The number of orders that are past due invoices and the dollar amount of those orders

  4. The TOTAL box is the sum of all the money that is owed to you between all the companies on this list.

The "Invoice sent date"
The Invoice sent date is a date range to view this list. We automatically set it to start at the beginning of the year, but you can change the BEGINNING date or the ENDING date by clicking the calendar button and selecting the new date

How Do We Decide When "Past Due" is?

We have a handy little guide here so you know what our timeline on "past due" is for common accounting functions like QuickPay:

These guidelines are based on BUSINESS DAYS so weekends are not calculated into this time! 

What does the "empty" list at the end of my screen mean?

At the bottom of the page, you might see a list with "EMPTY" in the company name bar that looks like this:

This is our "broken" invoice list. You are only going to see this list if you have orders without enough information to properly invoice, such as orders without company names or prices. We created this list to help you easily locate all of your orders that are missing information so that you can fix them, send the invoice, and get paid quicker!

If you see this list, you can view the individual orders by clicking the View Orders link. 

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