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Carrier TMS - Company Revenue billing report
Carrier TMS - Company Revenue billing report

This reports shows the revenue for your company for selected date range

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Our third new feature is a report that shows a list of the companies and the amount that they have paid you within a specified time frame so that you know how much revenue your company has made.

You can find the Company Revenue billing report under the Reports tab on your dashboard:

In Company Revenue you can view six things:

  1. The accounting method you are viewing (Cash or Accrual)

  2. The date range you select 

  3. A list of companies who have paid you money over that time period 

  4. The number of orders that the company has had with you over that time period 

  5. The amount of money paid to you per company

  6. The total amount of revenue your company has over that time period

What accounting method do I choose?

If your Accounting method is Cash that means you are calculating your revenue based off of when you RECEIVE PAYMENT from a debt, and not from the month that you billed the company. We populate this list with information this way:

  • We find the loads in the Paid  and Archived section in the dashboard.

  • We then use those orders' paid amount  to calculate the  Amount in our list.

  • And then we filter those orders by paid date to get customers that paid within your selected time frame.

If your Accounting method is Accrual that means that you are calculating your revenue based off of the date that you BILLED THE COMPANY for a debt, as opposed to the date you actually received the payment. We populate the information in this list in the following way: 

  • We find orders from the Billed ,  Paid   and Archived  sections in the dashboard.

  • We then find the orders' price   to calculate Amount in your list. 

  • Finally, we filter orders by the invoice send date  to find loads that fall within the time frame you selected at the top.

The Date Range
Automatically we set the calendar date range to the month you are currently in. But by clicking the calendar selection button you can change the BEGINNING or ENDING date to encompass any date range after you created a Super Dispatch account.

Company list, orders, and amount 

In this section, you will find the comprehensive list of companies, order numbers, and the total amount of revenue you have received from each company over the specified time frame.

Underneath each respective total, you can click the button "view orders," to see each order in detail.  

Total Company Revenue

Total Company Revenue is the box furthest on the right of your screen labeled "Total."
This is the dollar sum of all the revenue from each company listed in the middle of your screen. It is ONLY the revenue from the time frame you selected at the beginning of this process.

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