As a carrier or dispatcher, you sometimes have a broker or similar fees scattered throughout your order list. These fees can be hard to find, especially with large trucking operations. So we have created a new feature allowing you to view all those fees in one list. This will make it easier to see who you owe money to and when.

What's in Accounts Payable?

Now we have done that searching for you and put it in one concise list in the Reports tab of your dashboard. Accounts Payable is sandwiched between our other two features, Accounts Receivable and Company Revenue:

We fill this list with the fees found in the PAID section of your dashboard. 

The first option to change is the date range for this list. By default, the "SELECT DATE" date range is set to show the oldest paid order date with the fee, but you can change that by clicking the calendar icon.

Starting at the left of the screen and moving right, you can see:

  1. the company you owe money

  2. how many orders do you have with that company 

  3. the total amount you owe that company

  4. and the total you owe over the selected period for all companies

Once you have paid the fee to the company, please ARCHIVE the order to remove it from the accounts payable report.

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