With Multiple Unit BOL template you can send a one page BOL with multiple cars inside of it, instead of sending a BOL with several pages that contain only one car per page.

Here is an example of default (Single Unit) BOL. 

Each car will be displayed in separate page.

Here is an example of Multiple Unit BOL 

In order to send Multiple Unit BOL for all loads that contain 2 or more vehicles please go to SETTINGS and check the box that says "Enable multiple unit BOL template for orders that contain more than one vehicle". After checking the box please click SAVE.

If you have checked the box, from now on Multiple Unit BOL template will be used for all of your orders containing two or more vehicles. This happens if you try to send a BOL from our web dashboard or the mobile app. If you wish to use a Single Unit BOL for orders that contain more than 1 vehicle then you will have to uncheck that box.

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