We updated our settings page so that it makes more sense to you, the carrier. We have removed pages like "Edit Profile" and put everything about your company in the "Settings Page."  In this article we will cover the 9 major changes.

1. Settings page moved

First, we moved the position of the settings to be included on a small menu that is found by clicking your business name. When you click on "Settings" you will have the option to personalize your Super Dispatch account by clicking through the 9 tabs available.

2.Carrier Profile

This is where you can put all of your company information such as:

  • company location

  • company logo to be included on BOLs and Invoices

  • company contact information

  • terms and conditions

3.General Settings 

We have put information about your BOL and invoice in the "general settings" tab of your settings page.

Here you can change your BOL Template to enable "Multiple Unit BOL," (Read about Multiple Unit BOL templates here) and create the starting Load ID your Load ID sequence in Super Dispatch (Read about what Initial Load ID means here.)
We have also put the email that receives dispatch sheets from compatible brokers (Learn which brokers we can import dispatch sheets from here.)


 Our new Terminals feature is now in the "Terminals" tab of your Settings Page. Here we give you the option to add or delete common terminals. (Learn everything about our Terminals feature here.)

5.Driver App

We have now created a separate tab for Driver Application features. Here you can turn Fleet Mode on and off. (Read more about Fleet Mode here.)  You can also separately disable your Driver's ability to mark "Customer Not Available" for signing the BOL at Pick Up and Drop Off.

6. Billing

 We have also combined all of the billing-related settings into their own tab. Before, billing settings were mixed in with other settings on the Settings page. Now on the Billing tab within Settings you can:

  • Have the option to attach BOLs to invoices

  • Add pick up and delivery dates to invoices and BOLs

  • Enter an email to copy on all invoice emails to customers

7.Quickbooks Integration

Here you can find the QuickBooks Integration tab and learn how to integrate the application with Super Dispatch to make record keeping easier.

(Read about how to integrate QuickBooks Online or Desktop with Super Dispatch here.)

 8. Subscription Details

By clicking the subscription details tab you will be able to see:

  • The type of subscription plan you currently have

  • Total number of active drivers and dispatchers

  • Total price

  • Credit card information 

  • Credit card holder

You will also be able to update this information on this page.

9. Notification Emails

We created a tab for the notification email fields. The email fields purposes have changed as well:

  • NOTIFICATION EMAILS: This field is meant for notifications of delivery. The emails put in this field will only receive Picked Up status changes and Delivered status changes. Enter multiple emails for multiple notifications by separating emails with a comma. (Read more about Notification Emails here.) [DO NOT PUT SPACES IN BETWEEN EMAILS, JUST COMMAS]

  • DELIVERY CONFIRMATION EMAILS: The emails in this field will receive a copy of ONLY the BOL (not the invoice) whenever one is sent from the driver or the dashboard. These emails will not see delivery status changes. Enter multiple emails for multiple delivery confirmation emails by separating emails with a comma. [DO NOT PUT SPACES IN BETWEEN EMAILS, JUST COMMAS]

10. Loadboard Notifications

This new tab will show you where your notifications for the Super Loadboard go to! You can always edit this area if you want specific numbers and or email addresses to receive notifications.

Was there anything we missed? Let us know in the chatbot in the corner.

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