You can automatically notify each Broker or Customer about the pickup and delivery of the load by enabling it inside the settings page. This will allow you to focus on more productive tasks for your company instead of giving status updates all day long. 

1. Open your Carrier Dashboard
2. Click on SETTINGS on the top right corner of the menu

3. Click on the NOTIFICATION EMAILS on the bottom of the side menu

4. Check the box for Enable sending pickup/delivery notifications to brokers

From now on Brokers and Customers will receive an email for every load that has been picked up and delivered. 

Remember that you MUST have an email address listed in the Shipper/Customer section of the order. 

Example of email notification on pick-up

Example of email notification on delivery

If you are Super Dispatch Mobile App only user, please contact support in order to enable this feature. We will gladly take care of it for you. 

If any particular Broker or Customer wishes not to receive those updates anymore, they can easily unsubscribe from notifications by clicking on the link inside those emails. Once they unsubscribe they will not receive any broker updates from Super Dispatch. 

For any questions please use our live chat on the bottom right corner of this screen, call 816-974-7002 ext 3, or email [email protected]  

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