At Super Dispatch, we want to make sure you can report all the bugs you see. Your feeback is the reason that our TMS works so well. After all, you know best.

We have created a reporting feature that allows you to report technological bugs directly in the Driver App on an Android phone, without ever speaking to support (if you choose!)

To report a bug on the Android App:

  1. With Super Dispatch open, physically shake your phone in your hand, as if you are quickly waving. This will cause a pop up to appear that starts with "How may we help you?"
         1a. This pop box up will also appear if you make screenshot of the error in the app or click big blue button that has been added to the app screen.

2. When here, click "Report a problem," to report your issue. (you can also access the feature request through this box. Click "suggest an improvement" to do this.)

Once you have clicked, a new page will appear for you to describe the issue:

3. When you report a problem, you can add screenshots and draw on the photos. This is the same process that you take car photos and mark damages directly on the photo in the car inspection section of our app.
      You can also record video with audio in this section.


If you don't like the settings (like physically shaking your device to open the pop up bug report) you can change them.

  1. Go to your profile in the app
  2. Click "settings" and scroll to the "Bug Report Tab" button. This will take you to a page like this

Next to each setting, there is a blue or grey icon. This is the on/off switch for that setting.

Slide the icon right to turn a setting on. It will turn blue if it is on.
Slide the icon left to turn a setting off. It will turn grey if it is off.

To take the floating blue dialog button off your screen, turn the "Show bug reporting FAB" button to OFF.
To remove the phone shaking feature, turn the "Shake to submit bug" button OFF.

If you have questions, please let us know through the chat support window!  

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