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Carrier TMS - Spot Duplicate VINs
Carrier TMS - Spot Duplicate VINs

Super Dispatch can detect not only duplicate orders but also duplicate Vehicle identification numbers

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Super Dispatch now can detect duplicate VINs - whether you are an Owner Operator working fast in your Carrier TMS, or a fleet with multiple dispatchers, this tool helps everyone from double-dispatching vehicles.

How it works when importing into the Carrier TMS:

Once you have imported a dispatch order PDF file using our Super Dispatch Carrier TMS Importer, a new load is automatically populated and saved in your TMS. When that happens, a new screen with the load information will appear.
If the load you imported has a Vehicle Identification Number that already exists in any of your other loads, a screen will appear telling you:

  1. That there are duplicate VINs and 

  2. What other orders they exist in

In this pop-up, each order ID is a hyperlink to that order. This means you can easily click the order ID and go directly to the order with the duplicate VIN. 

How it works when creating an order in the TMS:

When an order is created in a TMS instead of imported, the exact same screen will appear once the VIN is entered the rest of the information automatically fills up. 


When the VIN box is being populated, our system will only detect that it is a duplicate VIN if the rest of the vehicle information automatically decodes. This feature also will not recognize duplicates within the same order.

If you need help or further assistance, please contact Support chat on the bottom right of the screen.

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