As a dispatcher or owner operator, you will receive the load offer via text or email. If you accept the offer, you must assign the order to the appropriate driver on the CTMS dashboard in order for the driver to see it on his/her mobile app. 

Click on "Orders".

Click on the "New Load" tab and choose the load in question.

Click on "Assign" and select the appropriate driver's name.

The driver will receive a notification like the one below on their phone from Super Dispatch saying they received a new order! They will now be able to see all the load details and can now process the load using Super Dispatch! 


QUICK TIP: If you only have one driver, the order will auto-assign to them. Please make sure that your driver has access to the login credentials. You can forward them the welcome email with the link to download the app. 

Please contact support at 816-974-7002 if you are still having trouble seeing the load in question.  We are here to help!

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