Super Dispatch is not responsible for the payment of your orders.

Please get in touch with the shipper from whom you received the load for payment issues and concerns.

Invoice your Customer

To prevent delay of payment from a shipper, we recommend using Super Dispatch to send an invoice directly to the shipper after marking the load as delivered. Certain shippers/brokers may only pay you for an order marked as delivered and invoiced through Super Dispatch!

To send an invoice from your Carrier TMS, click on the "Delivered" tab to see the loads completed.

Find the order in question, and click "Send Invoice."

Within the "Email To" field, the shipper's contact should already provide an email. Contact the shipper to get the correct billing email address if no email is automatically showing. Once ready, click "Send." The shipper will receive the invoice immediately.

The order will then move to the "Billed" tab if you need to access the order before the shipper pays you. Once the shipper pays you, they will mark it as paid and move it to your "Paid" tab.

QUICK TIP: You'll need to change the order status to delivered before you send an invoice. If your driver uses the app properly, the order status will automatically update via the mobile app. If an issue causes them not to use the app, the load will not update, and you can change the status of the load manually. You can read this article to learn how to mark the load as delivered manually.

Contact your Customer

If you have invoiced your customer, you should contact the shipper and find out what's happening. There may be a miscommunication or some complication impeding your ability to receive payment. You can find your customer's email and phone number within the Shipper/Customer field.

If you click on the company name, it will take you to the shipper's profile page. You can find all the information about your customer, including their contact info if you don't mind. Call their phone number and send them an email! The shipper should be able to point you in the right direction!

Don't hesitate to contact support at 816-974-7002 or start a chat line for more assistance!

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