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In this Article we will discuss the Free Trial inside of Carrier TMS

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Trial Extensions

If this is your first article, then let me welcome you to Super Dispatch! Today we are going to be going over Trial extensions for Carrier TMS. Initially, when you first sign up for Carrier TMS you will get a 7-Day Trial to use the platform and apply, to become a Verified Carrier.

Once you accept a load offer, you are welcomed with an exclusive 14-day Trial. Here's the exciting part: if you accept another load offer within your initial trial period, your trial refreshes, giving you uninterrupted access to our Carrier TMS.

QUICK TIP: If you are using the Carrier TMS dashboard on a free trial you can add as many drivers as needed at no additional cost! As long as no credit card info has been entered on the Super Dispatch website there is no chance you will be charged!

What do I get?

During this trial time, you gain comprehensive control – you can view and modify the status of all your loads, seamlessly book or request loads from our extensive Super Loadboard (If you're a Verified Carrier,) and efficiently dispatch to drivers. This trial period is our way of enhancing your experience and streamlining your operations. 🚚💼🌟

However, once the trial does expire you will either need to book another load from our LoadBoard, or you will need to sign up for a Subscription.

Importing Loads

We recognize the significance of effectively managing loads for your business operations. To maintain and enhance the quality of our services, importing loads into Carrier TMS is now exclusively available through a subscription plan. However, there's good news: when you accept a load from our board, you'll also have the ability to import loads during the subsequent 14-day period. Please note, that after this period, access to any load previously imported into Carrier TMS will no longer be available. We appreciate your understanding and are committed to supporting your business needs with our tailored solutions. 🚚🌟🤝


If you decide that you like the features that Super provides and we align with your business needs, you have the opportunity to activate a monthly subscription at your convenience. Embrace the full suite of features that come with this subscription: unlimited access to our comprehensive load board, the ability to import orders effortlessly from platforms like Central Dispatch, and the freedom to manage and dispatch loads to your drivers at any point during your subscription period. It's all designed to streamline your operations and enhance efficiency, ensuring Super Dispatch becomes an integral part of your business success. 🚚💻🌐

Below you will find our current pricing for Carrier TMS 👇

The Carrier TMS (desktop dispatcher website) is what your 7-day trial is actually for. This is where you can run reports, use Quickbooks integrations, manage drivers and trips, and many other "back office" things. We give access to this product through a monthly subscription based on your carrier's number of drivers.

1 driver = $55/month

2 drivers = $100/month

3 drivers = $150/month

After that point, add $50 per additional driver.

Driver App

As an owner-operator, we're excited to remind you that our Driver App remains completely free to use, and we're committed to keeping it that way. You have the ongoing freedom to import and create eBOLs using our app, streamlining your operations on the go. The recent changes we've implemented are specific to the Carrier TMS website. So, if you primarily use the app but are looking to manage loads, run reports, or perhaps plan to hire a Dispatcher in the future, please note that these additional functionalities on the Carrier TMS website do require a subscription. 🚚📱✨


Should you have any additional questions or need assistance, please feel free to connect with us. You can easily reach out through the orange chat box located at the bottom of your screen, or give us a call at 816-974-7002. We're here to help and look forward to assisting you with any concerns or questions you might have! 📞💬🧡

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