Each driver will have a unique login email and password for the Super Dispatch app.
You can find the email they will need to use as the username on the "drivers" tab at the top of the page within the CTMS.

From there you will find the list of all the drivers within your profile. If you need to add a driver click "add driver."  

As you add more drivers, they will receive an email/text message to set up their password.

QUICK TIP: The "email" is the username for the mobile app. If they forget their password they can click "Send Super Link" in the app to send a hyperlink to the email that will log them in instantly. 

Or the driver can click "Type Password" > "Forgot Password?" This will send an email to the one given for that driver allowing them to reset their password. 

If they are still having trouble with logging into the mobile app please contact our support team at 816-974-7002 and we'll be happy to help!

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