All load offers must be accepted in order to see the additional information on the dashboard and the app.

If the broker cancels an order, you will see a red label that says "cancelled by broker" and pickup & delivery information will be hidden.

You can either disregard, archive, or delete the cancelled order.

If the broker sends another load offer for the exact same vehicle(s) with the same Load ID accept this new load offer via text, email, app, or dashboard.

Some of the load offers are time sensitive. This means that the broker may cancel an order if you have not accepted it soon enough. Please keep an eye out for the email, text, or dashboard alerts for the load offers and accept or decline them as soon as you can!

If you are still having trouble seeing the newly accepted load offer on your mobile device please contact Super Dispatch support at 816-974-7002 and we'd be happy to assist!

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