Wanting to check out our brand new, Super ELD? Look no further! This is the first no-contract, month-to-month ELD that combines your ELD compliance, order management, dispatching & billing into ONE, single app.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. How much does it cost? Only $99 per truck for the first year. $20/m after.
  2. How does it work? Your mobile app connects directly to the ELD, within HoS.
  3. Are you FMCSA Certified? Yes. You can search for our listing here.
  4. Do you support log editing? Yes. You can edit logs as much as the law allows.
  5. What about Personal Conveyance and Yard Moves? Supported and easy to use!
  6. Can I as a dispatcher see my driver's logs? From the dashboard in 'Drivers' page.
  7. What's installation like? Device is the size of a bottle-cap- no joke. Simple install!
  8. What trucks does it work in? Semi's year 2000+ or pickups year 2008+

Pricing & Placing Orders for Super ELD

$99 per truck for your first year. $20/month after. Interested in buying a Super ELD? They're here & ready to be ordered! Just follow the link, select your cable type & "checkout" on the top right of your page. Devices ship out on Wednesday's & Friday's!

Super ELD's Features

  • Automatic Compliance - We have built-in violation warnings & automatically fill in your Shipping Document Numbers for you. Don't sweat the small stuff anymore!
  • Team-Driving / Co-Driving - Sharing a truck to get more work done? Awesome! Easily swap between drivers when your limit is up, making work simple.
  • Special Rules - Want to change your Cycle Rule? Using Personal Conveyance or Yard Move? All supported from within the mobile app & dashboard.
  • Automatic Driving Detection - Drive over 5 MPH & the Super ELD will begin recording Driving time automatically. While you drive, ¬†your countdown clocks will display so you're free of distractions.
  • Dispatcher Dashboard - Need to make sure your drivers are compliant? Download custom reports, send log suggestions, view DVIRs and see your driver's logs right from inside the Super Dispatch dashboard.
  • Other Features - DVIRs, Daily Reports, Inspection Mode, Certification Reminders, Auto-Reconnection and more!

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