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Becoming a Verified Carrier
Verified Carrier - What is Verified Carrier Status?
Verified Carrier - What is Verified Carrier Status?
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Becoming a Verified Carrier will give you and your carrier permission to request loads from shippers & brokers on the Super Loadboard!

By entering and uploading the following information, your carrier will have a Verified Carrier status:

  • Carrier info (can be filled out inside your Carrier Profile)

  • W9 File

  • USDOT Certificate (sometimes called an MC Letter of Authority)

  • Certificate of Insurance (cargo insurance file, expiration date, cargo limit, deductible, agent name, agent phone)

As long as there are no issues with any of your documents, you will receive Verified Carrier status approximately 72 business hours after submitting all documents & will be able to request loads directly from Brokers/Shippers using our Shipper TMS.

Carrier profile with the Verified badge:

Unverified carrier profile:

Shippers reviewing Requests:

Regardless of your Verified Carrier status, you may still continue using the Super Dispatch platform. We suggest you maintain a Verified Carrier status; doing so helps create trust between parties on Super Dispatch as our Shippers and Brokers prefer to work with Verified Carriers. 

Remember to check your emails! Our compliance team will notify you via your account's primary email address if there is an issue with your documents.

Frequently asked questions:

  1. How do I know if I become Verified?

    Carriers will receive an email notification and will see the Verified badge inside the Profile section of the Carrier TMS.

  2. What can I do while my documents are being reviewed?

    All carriers on Super Dispatch can view the load board at will to see if any cargo might interest them, but only Verified Carriers have permission to book. Feel free to browse the load board or set up load alerts for your routes while you wait!

  3. How long does it take for Super Dispatch to review documents?

    On average it takes approximately 72 business hours to review and verify the documents. If it has been more than 48 hours & you have received no updates by email, feel free to contact support for an update.

If you have any questions please reach out to us using the orange chat box below or by calling us at 816-974-7002. 

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