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Driver App - How to process a load for CarsArrive
Driver App - How to process a load for CarsArrive

CarsArrive loads have special inspection requirements, and you can do it through Super Dispatch

Updated over a week ago

CarsArrive is now a compatible broker with Super Dispatch. Every CarsArrive load has a few requirements:

  1. 6 photos of each vehicle (including car keys)

  2. Loose items inspection

  3. Subject To Inspection option for delivery

How to process a CarsArrive vehicle through Super Dispatch

  1. Import a load from CarsArrive into the dashboard or the app*

*note on importing a CarsArrive order directly into the Super Dispatch app: after importing the order, click the sync button in the top right-hand corner of the app screen. This forces the app to sync with your dashboard. 

  1. Dispatch to a driver

  2. Start processing the load as you normally would

  3. Follow instructions for pick up and delivery

Changes to the inspection process:

  1. Every vehicle is required to have 6 photos and you will not be allowed to pick up or deliver until the photos have been taken

  2. The "interior inspection" page requires you to answer questions about the odometer and loose items in the car.

  3. At delivery, the driver has the option to click "subject to inspection," which gives the customer additional time to inspect the vehicle, after the driver has left. 

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