Driver App - What is "Subject to Inspection"?

You might see subject to inspection on some orders - why is that?

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"Subject to Inspection" or "STI" is a new option that dispatchers are allowed to switch off or on for drivers. 

This button appears during the delivery process, below "Customer Signature":

This was added as a part of the CarsArrive compliant inspection process (read more about this here) but it is available for all orders if the dispatcher would like to use it.

What is STI?

Subject To Inspection is a delivery-only option that allows the delivery customer additional days to inspect the car, because any damages may not be immediately obvious.

This is a benefit for drivers who deliver cars for new car dealers and especially for auto auctions. Drivers may also use it for after-hours delivery when there is no customer to sign. 

Where to enable / disable STI

  1. Log into the main page of your dashboard on the computer, where your orders are located.

  2. In the upper right hand side of the screen, click the button labeled "settings." 

  3. Click "Driver App" in the menu on the left hand side of the screen.

This is where you can check the box to enable or disable this feature:

Then click save. This will now be reflected for all orders in the app. 

If you have any questions, please chat with us! Click the orange chat button in the lower right hand corner of the screen. 

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