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Shipper TMS - How to Split an Order by Vehicles
Shipper TMS - How to Split an Order by Vehicles

Super Dispatch Shipper TMS allows you to split orders that have multiple vehicles, so you can assign them to different carriers.

Updated over a week ago

If orders with multiple vehicles need to be split between multiple carriers, Super Dispatch's Shipper TMS allows you to do this easily. 

How to split an order

Inside the Shipper TMS, click on the options (three-dotted) button and select Split Order for the order you need to split. 

The Split Order option is only available if the order is not assigned to any carrier and has a New, Canceled, or Declined status. 

After clicking on the Split Order option, a new screen with a column of all the vehicles will be shown. Drag and drop any vehicles into a new order. Each column represents a new order that will be created. 

Order ID, Total Tariff, and Total Carrier Price fields can be modified per order while splitting it.

The sequential number from the Current Load ID set in the profile page of the shipper TMS will be used as the Order ID for the new order. 

Attachments in the original order will be copied to all split orders. 

Feel free to contact us using our support chat at the bottom right of your screen if you have any questions!

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