Super Dispatch allows for 3 different types of Inspection.  Drivers will need to complete a different inspection process based on the inspection type assigned to a load from the Shipper/Customer.  The following are the inspection types and what they require from the driver.

  1. Standard

  • Free flow: can include as much or as little as you would like in regards to photos, interior inspection, etc

  1. Advanced:

  • At least 12 Inspection Photos (6 at Pickup and 6 at Delivery)

  •  Mandatory Interior and exterior inspection 

  • Customer signature 

  1. AIAG:  

  • In compliance with AIAG Inspection Standard for OEMs

  • 2 required photos per damage.

  • After adding a damage for AIAG, it should like this:

Here is a tutorials on how to complete an AIAG Inspection on the mobile app:

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