What email and text notifications does Super Loadboard use?

Super Loadboard has two different types of notifications:

  • Saved Search notifications (email + text)
  • Suggested Load notifications (email + text)

Both notification types are free and sent via text message and email.

⚡️How do I unsubscribe from these emails?⚡️

➡️ Turning off notifications in the CTMS (Desktop Application)

  1. Open up the email you received.
  2. Scroll to the bottom.
  3. Click the 'Notification Settings' link:

4. Log into your CTMS account
5. The CTMS Will automatically open to the 'Loadboard Notifications' page inside 'Settings':

From here, you can choose to turn off SMS and Email for specific notifications, or turn them off all-together.

6. Click 'Save'

➡️ Turning off notifications in the Mobile app

  1. Open the mobile app
  2. Go to 'Profile' --> 'Settings':

3. Click 'Loadboard Notifications':

4. Uncheck the notifications you want to turn off:

5.Click 'Save'

How do I turn off notifications for a specific Saved Search?

Notification texts are sent for each individual saved search. Unsubscribing from one WILL NOT unsubscribe you from all. Texts are sent from different phone numbers for Saved Searches and Suggested Loads. You will also need to delete save searches on CTMS AND Mobile.

➡️ Delete Save Searches on CTMS:

  1. Log into your CTMS account on www.superdispatch.com
  2. Find the Loadboard:

3. In the lower left of the page, find your saved searches:

4. Click the save search you want to delete and the 'Edit' and 'Trash' icon will appear. Click the Trash icon:

5. Click 'Delete Save Search':

➡️ Deleting Save searches on Mobile:

  1. Log into you Drivers account in the Super Dispatch Mobile app
  2. Click the 'Loadboard' tab:

3. Under Saved Searches, click 'View All':

4. Click the Saved Search you want to delete, and select the trash icon:

5. You will need to delete every Saved Search if you want to eliminate all Save Search notifications coming from mobile

*Important note about Notifications* 

Each dispatcher's Saved Searches and Loadboard Notifications are UNIQUE to that dispatcher. Meaning that if ONE dispatcher makes custom notifications in the CTMS, these custom settings DO NOT transfer to other dispatcher accounts. Each dispatcher will need to manually cancel any custom notification settings/saved searches they set up. The dispatcher can find their contact information for their personal dispatcher account under 'Dispatcher Profile':

This will open up your Dispatcher Profile Tab:

Hover over the top right corner to find the 'Edit' icon:

Click the icon and the page will open the 'Edit Profile' menu:

From here, you can edit where notifications are getting sent to. All custom notifications created by a dispatcher will get sent to this email and phone number

That's it! You've unsubscribed from all notifications! 

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