Here is how (Invoice): 

1. Open your Super Dispatch App on your Mobile Device.

2. Find an order that you have already Delivered, and need to send an Invoice for.

Note: You do not have to select BOL type while you are going through the Pickup/Delivery processes.

3. Click on "Invoice" button on top right corner of the screen

4. Fill out all relevant information for the Invoice

5. Hit "Send" (you will be prompted for BOL template in the next screen)

6. Under "BOL Template" select the relevant BOL type by clicking on to the drop-down arrow next to it

5. Type in the email/fax of the party you would like to send it to, as needed

6. Hit "Send"

After an order is designated as delivered, the invoice can either be emailed or faxed, by either pressing Invoice or choosing the Invoice Now option. The BOL for the order is always attached to the Invoice. The BOL template (or format) is Default (standard) or can be chosen from the drop down arrow. The Invoice ID can be customized, as well as other fields.

When an invoice is emailed, a simple email is generated and sent from "[email protected]" - thanking your customer for your business. The Invoice is attached (as instruction in the email) as a .PDF file that may be downloaded and shared. The Subject of the email is "Invoice and BOL from [your company name] for [Load ID]"

The invoice contains: your company information as it appears in your company profile, your company logo (if added), Invoice #, Date Invoice was generated, Load ID, Payment Terms, FROM and TO information, vehicle quantity, vehicle description and amount due. PICK UP City State ZIP to DELIVERY City State ZIP also appears at the bottom, followed by your company phone number and email address. The BOL for each vehicle within this order is additionally attached.

Well done!

If you need Help or further assistance, please contact Support chat on the bottom right of the screen.

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