Please follow these instructions to add or change your Carrier Logo from inside the Mobile App:

First, Open the app. Then, navigate to Profile: Carrier Information.

At the bottom of the screen, press the RED letters that read "Add Carrier Logo."

Once uploaded, the "CARRIER LOGO" will appear in the space provided - and if tapped, the user can choose to "Replace" or "Remove" it. (If no change is required, press "Cancel").

The uploaded logo that appears under "CARRIER LOGO" will now also appear in the upper right hand corner of all Invoices sent from this point moving forward.


  • If the "Fleet Mode" option is enabled on the dashboard, this option will not work on the app.
  • Carrier logo will not be displayed on BOLs which uses the Metrogistics template.

If you need Help or further assistance, please contact Support chat on the bottom right of the screen.

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