Driver App - Adding Attachments

Where to Add/Edit/View Attachments Within the Mobile App

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Attachments are external files that you an add yourself OR are provided to you by your customer. These files can be things like dispatch sheets, gate passes, more photos, and many others!

Adding Attachments

To add attachments to an order, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the order in question

  2. Scroll down to the VERY bottom of the screen

  3. Click 'plus' button to add an attachment:

There are 3 ways to add attachments:

Here's what each of these options do:

  1. Take Photo = Use your phone's camera to take a picture, then add as an attachment.

  2. Choose from Gallery = Browse your photos to attach a picture you have already taken.

  3. Add Attachments = Browse and attach one of your phone's internal files.

Once you have attached an order, they will appear to the right of the add button, like so:

Viewing Attachments

In some cases, you may already have attachments included with the order. If you received a load from a broker, there will automatically be a dispatch sheet included. This will act as your contract with the broker.

In this section, this is also where you will find gate passes, if those are necessary. If you want to view these attachments, you just need to click on the document, and click View. It will make the file bigger so you can read any details:

If you click Remove, that will delete the attachment from the order. You can only remove attachments you have added yourself. Any attachments provided by the broker cannot be removed.

And that's how to manage your attachments! If you run into any trouble, feel free to start a chat or reach out to Super Support at (816)974-7002, extension 1.

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