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Driver App - Damage Types When Completing an Inspection
Driver App - Damage Types When Completing an Inspection

Mark Damages - Mobile App

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To Mark Damages inside an order, press the Inspection button, and then press the blue Mark Damages button. Tap the screen on the wire diagram wherever you find a damage on the actual vehicle, just as you would during a standard vehicle inspection.

A radio button menu will appear for you to indicate which damage type you are marking, including: S for Scratched, CR for Cracked, D for Dent, PC for Paint Chip, R for Rubbed, FF for Foreign Fluid, MD for Major Damage, and SC for Scuffed. Press Done after each damage marking selected. When you have finished marking all damages, press the Blue Done button at the top.

Damage Types Full List - as of September 2019

  • BR, Broken

  • CH, Chipped

  • CR, Cracked

  • D, Dent

  • F, Faded

  • FF, Foreign Fluid

  • FT, Flat Tire

  • G, Gouge

  • HD, Hail Damage

  • LC, Loose Contents

  • M, Missing

  • MD, Major Damage

  • MS, Multiple Scratches

  • O, Other

  • R, Rubbed

  • RU, Rust

  • S, Scratched

  • SC, Scuffed

BOLs sent with the updated app release contains these damage types.

[ If you need to start all over, Press Clear All. ]

If you need Help or further assistance, please contact Support chat on the bottom right of the screen.

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