Shippers and Brokers have customers who need to get order updates and often it results in endless emails and phone calls. Now, Shipper TMS users can provide exceptional customer service to their customers by providing access to Customer Portal. Users of Customer Portal can create and submit orders, track, download proof of delivery and reports anytime. 

Login page for Customer Portal:


There are currently 8 status tabs inside the Customer Portal:
[Customer Portal status] = [Shipper TMS status]

  1. New = not shown in Shipper TMS

  2. Submitted = New, Posted to LB, Declined

  3. Scheduled = Pending, Accepted

  4. Picked up = Picked up

  5. Delivered = Delivered, Invoiced, Paid

  6. Completed = Archived

  7. Canceled = Canceled

  8. Deleted = not shown in Shipper TMS


• Create, Submit and View orders
• Filter orders
• Search
• Download BOLs
• Download Reports
• Bulk create orders with .csv file
• Shared notes
• Save Terminals

(NOTE: Customers will not be able to see the price listed for the order on STMS)

Shippers can select 2 types of Customer Portal users:

  1. View Only - customers can only view already created orders, track, download BOLs and reports.

  2. Create and Submit - customers can create new orders and submit to Shipper TMS in addition to all View Only capabilities. 

How to get access to Customer Portal?

In order to get access to Customer Portal, please contact your account manager or customer service representative via chat on the right corner of your screen. This article also goes into more detail:

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