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Carrier TMS - Set Up GPS Tracking

GPS - Settings - Dashboard

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GPS Location Services requires both the Mobile App and Carrier TMS User to work together. This is a feature that can be requested to be turned on from the Dispatcher's Dashboard, and will require the Driver's confirmation from the Mobile App.

Tracking enables Dispatchers, as well as Shippers who send loads through Super Dispatch, to get instant updates on the whereabouts and ETA of the loads that a Driver is carrying.

It will be active only when the Driver has active loads, and can be turned off from the Mobile App when the Driver is off duty. To turn OFF Location Services, follow the steps in this article but be sure to toggle settings to OFF.

The ultimate goal of this feature is to streamline the communication on Order status between the driver, dispatcher, and shipper without the necessity of calling or texting one another. This also brings Super Dispatch one step closer towards our goal of providing users with the complete end-to-end visibility for vehicle shipments.

How to set up GPS Tracking in Carrier TMS:

  1. Open the Tracking Page by clicking the Tracking icon on the left hand side of the screen.

  2. Click the blue Add Drivers button in near the bottom of the screen.

  3. Find the Driver's name. Select the check box and then click Add.

  4. The Driver will then need to accept the request to allow tracking by tapping Continue in the mobile app.

  5. Then, the driver will need to "Allow" Location Services on the device when prompted.

    Once the Driver allows Location Services on the device, you'll then see their location on a map like this:

    If a driver ever toggles the Location Services to OFF, you'll see this message, and an option to Notify Driver. Clicking this sends a new request to the Driver to enable Location Services once again.

    Once the driver is notified, you'll then see a confirmation message like this:

If you need Help or further assistance, please contact Support chat on the bottom right of the screen.

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