You can set Load Alerts on both the website and the mobile app. Below are the instructions for setting Load Alerts on the website and how to get emails and text messages for when loads are posted in your area. Check out the video tutorial below, or read through this article to learn more.

So we will start from the basic load board screen: 

You will see, along the top, there is a search section to narrow down your search. Please select Advanced Search on the right corner. 

Here, you will search for whatever route you run. You can specify these things:

  • Pickup Cities, States or ZIPs (Origin)

  • Delivery Cities, States or ZIPs (Destination)

  • Radius (will only show up after inputting location)

  • Vehicle Type (Sedan, SUV, Motorcycle, etc.)

  • Condition (Operable, Inoperable)

  • Trailer Type (Open, Enclosed)

  • Minimum vehicles

  • Payment Terms (COD, Quickpay, etc.)

  • Minimum vehicle price per mile

  • Minimum total price

 In this case, I will put Kansas City, MO (100 mile radius) to Phoenix, AZ (50 mile radius) and the state of New Mexico. I am also going to specify the Type of vehicle I can haul to Sedan.

Note: You do not NEED to fill out every field. You can leave them blank if you have no preference.

At the bottom of the page please check the box for "Create Load Alert" and click "Search". Your list will appear on the left-hand side:

If you click on the pencil icon to the right of the Load Alert, you can customize the name you want for this route. The trash can icon will remove it from your current list of Load Alerts.

You can add multiple Load Alerts to your list. They will show up in the order you add them similar to the picture below:

Now that you have set up your Load Alerts, let's make sure they will be going to the proper inboxes. We will have to go back to the CTMS website. Let's back out of the Super Loadboard.
You will want to go to the bar on the left side of the page and click on the name of your company in the bottom left. In there, you will find the option for "Dispatcher Profile," click that:

Now, you will see your profile account listed, showing your phone number and email. If the information showing is not correct, click on the "pencil icon" in the top right:

Along the right-hand side, a sidebar will appear. You will want to fill out the phone number field with your own if you want to receive text messages. You will also want to make sure that the email listed is where you want your email notifications to go:

Note: IF THIS EMAIL NEEDS TO BE CHANGED, KNOW THAT THIS WILL CHANGE YOUR LOGIN CREDENTIALS. Whatever email that is in that field will be your login email. The password should stay the exact same as it was.

Link to the article on how to create Load Alerts (Saved Searches) in the Mobile App:

If you have anymore additional questions, you are always welcome to open up a chatline through the speech bubble in the bottom corner or call us at 816-974-7002.

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