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Creating Load Alerts (Saved Searches) on the Mobile App
Creating Load Alerts (Saved Searches) on the Mobile App

As a driver on my company's account, how do I get notifications for when loads are in my area?

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You can set load board notifications on both the Carrier TMS and the mobile app. Below are the instructions and a video for setting up free Load Alerts (load board notifications) on the mobile app and how to get emails and text messages for when loads are posted in your area. 

We will start from the home screen for the mobile app:

Open your Super Dispatch app, and tap on the "Loadboard" tab

Tap on "Create Load Alert":

Here, you can search for any route you run. You can specify the following things as you scroll down the screen:

  • Pickup Cities, States or ZIPs (Origin)

  • Delivery Cities, States or ZIPs (Destination)

  • Radius (will only show up after inputting city location)

  • Vehicle Type (Sedan, SUV, Motorcycle, etc.)

  • Condition (Operable, Inoperable)

  • Trailer Type (Open, Enclosed)

  • Minimum vehicles

  • Payment Terms (COD, Quickpay, etc.)

  • Minimum vehicle price per mile

  • Minimum total price

  • Name for the saved search

Note: You do not NEED to fill out every field. You can leave them blank if you have no preference. You can name each Load Alert according to your preferences.

Check the "Create Load Alert" box then tap on "Save and Search"

You can now see your Load Alerts on the Super Loadboard home screen:

To view/edit your Load Alerts, tap the 'View All' button:

To edit a load alert, tap on the pencil icon. To delete a load alert, tap on the trash icon:

*NOTE*  The load alerts you set up on your driver's account are for YOUR account only. These are not shared by any other drivers/dispatchers in the company. You can set up an unlimited number of searches, and delete them at any time. All notifications for load alerts will go to the Email/phone number on your driver's account. This information can be changed on the Carrier TMS website, or by contacting support.

To customize your Load Alert (Saved Search) notifications, please see this article:

Link to the article for creating Load Alerts (Saved Searches) as a dispatcher inside the Carrier TMS:

If you have anymore additional questions, you are always welcome to open up a chatline through the speech bubble in the bottom corner or call us at 816-974-7002.

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