Searching for loads on the Super Loadboard is Super simple! Follow these easy steps and you will be booking loads in no time! 

First, enter your Pickup Location:

Once you have selected your pick up location, the radius menu will appear:

This allows you to search for loads within a certain mile radius of the pick up location. Once you've entered your pick up location, the search results will automatically appear. If you are wanting to pick up a load in one location and deliver to another, enter your delivery location in the search bar to the right:

Voila! your search results will appear down below. Once you have found a load you are interested in, click 'Request' to open the load information box:

Here you will see the Origin/Destination of the load, the Amount/Type of vehicles, Payments/Dates, Shipper info, and the Request form:

  • First, enter your name and estimated time of Pick up/Delivery (If the existing dates are fine, leave them). 

  • Next, enter your bid into the 'Price' field

  • Once you've entered your bid, click 'Send Request', and the request will then be sent to the shipper. *If the price is acceptable, there is no need to make a bid*

  • Once you've sent the request, the shipper will either Accept or Decline the request

Accepted: You will receive a load offer from the shipper in the form of an SMS and Email notification. *NOTE* All load offers are sent to the Phone # and Email of the account holder on file. If you have questions about this, please contact Support at 816-974-7002

Declined: If the shipper declines your request you will receive a follow up Email, and an in-app notification (You can find this by clicking Loadboard > Requested).

And that's it! You have successfully searched and requested a load on the Super Loadboard!

If you are having trouble booking a load, feel free to start a Support chat on our website, in the app, or just give us a call at 816-974-7002

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