Searching for loads on the Super Loadboard is Super simple! Follow these easy steps and you will be booking loads in no time! 

First, enter your Pickup Location:

Once you have selected your pick up location, the radius menu will appear:

This allows you to search for loads within a certain mile radius of the pick up location (5-500 miles). Once you've entered your pick up location, the search results will automatically appear. If you are wanting to pick up a load in one location and deliver to another, enter your delivery location in the search bar to the right:

Voila! your search results will appear down below. Once you have found a load you are interested in, click 'Request' to open the load information box:

Please note: The exclamation symbol shown are requirements that must be followed to book the specific load.

Here you will see the Origin/Destination of the load, the Amount/Type of vehicles, Payments/Dates, Shipper info, and the Request form:

  • First, enter your name and estimated time of Pick up/Delivery (If the existing dates are fine, leave them). 

  • Next, enter your bid into the 'Price' field

  • Once you've entered your bid, click 'Send Request', and the request will then be sent to the shipper. *If the price is acceptable, there is no need to make a bid*

  • Once you've sent the request, the shipper will either Accept, Decline or Counter Offer the request.

Accepted: You will receive a load offer from the shipper in the form of an SMS and Email notification. *NOTE* All load offers are sent to the Phone # and Email of the account holder on file. If you have questions about this, please contact Support at 816-974-7002

Declined: If the shipper declines your request you will receive a follow up Email, and an in-app notification (You can find this by clicking Loadboard > Requested).

Counter Offer: You will receive a counter offer if the shipper has changed your request / bid in any way. This request comes back to you to either follow up with another counter by changing more aspects or accept / decline based on if you wish to take on the work or not.

Finally for more specific loads you can use our advanced search button next to the search button.

This feature to enter a much more detailed search based on any of the fields listed below.

So now you have created a very specific search. You can save this search as a load alert so you receive notifications when more results for this search are added by selecting the Create Load Alert check box.

The last step is to filter these loads based on what you are looking for, here are a list of our current options: Newest loads, Oldest loads, Highest Price per mi, Highest Price, Earliest Available pick up, Latest Available pick up.

So if you are looking for the single load that has the best payout you can filter by highest price like this.

If you want to find the best price based on distance you can sort by Highest Price per mi and find quick trips for high payouts.

Please Note: Using this sort in addition to a radius filter would be a good way to find all high paying loads within a city area.

Lastly if you are looking to start working NOW then do not wait and sort by Earliest Available pick up, so you can find loads that will be ready by the time you arrive.

And that's it! You have successfully searched and requested a load on the Super Loadboard!

If you are having trouble booking a load, feel free to start a Support chat on our website, in the app, or just give us a call at 816-974-7002

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