Touchless Signature allows a driver to get a customer signature with just one click and with no required contact to ensure safety and convenience.

If you don't see the Touchless Signature option, please make sure your app version is 2.29.0 or higher.

You can go into your app, click on profile at the bottom right, and see which "Version" you have at the bottom of the page.

If you don't have 2.29.0 or higher, open up your app store (iPhones) or your play store (Androids), search for "Super Dispatch" and tap to update your version.

How to Use Touchless Signature

Once arrive at the "Customer Signature Page," tap on "Touchless Signature" to prompt the next screen.

On this screen, enter the pickup or delivery contact's phone number.

Once the SMS is sent, the BOL and app will show a "Touchless Signature Pending" stamp.

The contact will receive an SMS with a link to the online BOL.

After opening the link and reading all the details, they can sign at the bottom.

The signature will then appear on the driver's app and BOL to state that the contact has signed off on the inspection.

The "touchless signature pending" stamp will be replaced with a "Touchless Signature" stamp to show that this signature was received without contact!

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us at 816-974-7002 or using the chat options!

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