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Carrier TMS - How to Add, Edit, and Remove Drivers
Carrier TMS - How to Add, Edit, and Remove Drivers

This article explains how to add, remove and edit drivers on your Carrier TMS account

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Changing driver information in the Carrier TMS is easy and straightforward:

First, log into your account on by clicking Carrier TMS > Log In

Next, click the Drivers tab in the far left-hand menu

This will take you to the Drivers page:

To add a driver, click the Add Driver Button in the top right-hand corner, and add the corresponding information:

To remove a driver, click the 3 dot menu in the top right, and select Deactivate. This will effectively deactivate the driver from the account but will NOT remove their orders from the account.

To Edit an existing driver's information, click the Edit pen icon inside the driver's information box, change the information and save.

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