You can get started quickly and easily using Super Dispatch by visiting our website . To create an account with Super Dispatch, you will need a valid DOT #. If you operate intrastate or are an international carrier, please contact support at 816-974-7002, or click the Contact button on the website to start a help chat.

1. First, go to our website and select I'm a Carrier:

2. Next, click Try For Free:

3. Verify your DOT:

4. Enter all of your carrier information:

Once you have completed Sign Up, you will be automatically logged into your new Carrier TMS account!!

But what do you do now???

Here are some helpful next steps:

1. Add drivers

*NOTE* If you are a driver trying to add yourself to an existing account, please contact the owner/dispatcher for the company and have them add you to the account

If you have any questions about how to get started with Super Dispatch, feel free to contact Support at 816-974-7002 or click Contact Us on the website to start a Support chat

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