Carrier TMS:

1. Click the Carrier icon in the lower left-hand corner:

2. Next, choose Carrier Profile:

3. Next, you will see a list of required documents to obtain Super Carrier Status:

4. Click each one to verify your information and upload your documents to their respective category:

5. Once all of your documents have been uploaded, your Super Carrier request will be submitted! A member of our team will verify your documents and approve them. If there is an issue with a document, you will be notified automatically

On Mobile:

Submitting for Super Carrier on mobile is very similar to the process above:

1. In the app, click Profile
2. Next, click the carrier name
3. From there, click all of the respective Certificates and Documents

4. Upload the files

*NOTE* You do not NEED to be a Super Carrier to use Super Dispatch. All you need to use Super Dispatch is a valid DOT #. For more information on Super Carrier, check out this article: What is Super Carrier?

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