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Carrier TMS - How to Enable Desktop Push Notifications for Load Alerts and Loadboard Requests
Carrier TMS - How to Enable Desktop Push Notifications for Load Alerts and Loadboard Requests

This article will explain how to set up push notifications for your desktop device

Updated over a week ago

The Carrier TMS now has the option to enable Push notifications on Desktop for Load Alerts and Declined Shipper Requests!

This will enable dispatchers to get updates on Load Alerts and Load Requests right from the desktop without having to check Email or SMS messages.

First, make sure your desktop device has Do Not Disturb turned OFF for desktop push notifications (This will allow the Carrier TMS Push notifications to show up):

On macOS:

Find the Launchpad and click System Preferences > Notifications:

It will bring up a box where you can edit/customize your Do Not Disturb feature. To turn OFF Do Not Disturb, click the image:

If Do Not Disturb is ON (blue), click the icon to turn it OFF (gray):

On Windows:

Press the Windows key, type Settings, and then press Enter.

  1. On the next screen, click System in the upper-left corner.

  2. On the left side of the System menu, click the Notifications & actions tab.

Next, Log into your Carrier TMS, click the icon in the lower left-hand corner and navigate to Settings > General > Loadboard Notifications:

Next, Select Push notifications for Declined Shipper Requests and Load Alerts:

Once Push notifications are selected, your desktop device should ask you whether you want to Block or Allow Push notifications on your device:

Choose Allow. Once that is done, whenever a shipper declines a request you've submitted from the loadboard OR a load is posted by a shipper that matches your Load Alert criteria (Click HERE to find out about Load Alerts), you should see a Push notification:

Click the Notification and it will take you to the Loadboard. Voila!

In the event that you turn Push notifications ON, but choose to BLOCK them from the desktop, whenever a notification for a declined request or load alert occurs, you will receive an In-App notification at the bottom of the screen that looks like this:

"But what if I didn't get the pop up to choose Block or Allow Push notifications?"

Click the Lock icon at the beginning of the URL bar in your browser and select Ask (default)

There you have it! You have enabled Push notifications for Desktop and Carrier TMS!

If you have any more questions about Load Alerts, Shipper Requests or Push Notifications, click Contact Us on our website to chat with our Support team.

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