When you are interested in booking a load on the loadboard, there will be a green button at the end of the order saying Request and the total price right next to it.

This is the standard booking procedure you will see. This means that, upon clicking this button, the broker will be notified that you are interested in taking this load. They will review your request, and either accept it or deny it. You will be notified of their decision via email, text message, or in the loadboard itself, under the Requested section. If you are accepted, you will have to accept the order back and assign it to your respective driver. You now have the load and it is ready to be picked up.

If you work with a particular broker often, and you have established a solid relationship with them, they can make you a Preferred Carrier. This means that you no longer have to Request orders from them. Instead, you can Book the load immediately after pressing this button:

Now, you don't have to wait for the broker to respond. After booking, you now have the order and can assign it to whichever driver you need.

If you decide you want to negotiate price or pickup/delivery dates, you will no longer have the ability to Book Now. If those variables are being negotiated, it will go back to being a Request. You will have to wait for a response back from the broker, approving or denying the change.

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