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Driver App - Upload Verified Carrier Documents
Driver App - Upload Verified Carrier Documents

How to upload required documents to obtain Verified Carrier Status via the Mobile App

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For more information on Verified Carrier, check out this article: What is Verified Carrier?

To establish a base level of trust with shippers and brokers, we highly recommend that you fill out every aspect of the carrier profile and become a Verified Carrier! Becoming a Verified Carrier will allow your carrier to request loads on the Super Loadboard, among many other benefits. Some benefits of having Verified Carrier status are:

To apply for Verified Carrier status, you'll need to obtain and provide the following documents:

  • Carrier information

  • W9 File

  • USDOT Certificate

  • Cargo Insurance information (cargo insurance file, expiration date, cargo limit, deductible, agent name, agent phone)

Here is how to upload those via the Super Dispatch Mobile App via iOS!

  • Open the Super Dispatch mobile app. Log in to your account if you need to do so.

  • Navigate to your Carrier Profile by tapping on the Profile icon in the bottom right-hand corner of the app, then tap your company name.

  • Tap Carrier Info. Enter your company's address and billing contact information.

    • Tap Continue to Cargo Insurance

  • Upload your certificate of insurance by clicking the ➕ sign in the box with the dotted lines.

    • This will bring up the option to select either a file or a photo. Select the file or photo from your device's file folder or camera roll.

  • Enter all relevant information about your cargo insurance policy in each field. Then tap Save.

Tip: Make sure all your info is correct! If not, your approval may be delayed.

  • Enter the insurance agent’s information in the box below. Tap Continue.

  • You'll then be brought to the next page, where you’ll upload your W9 and US DOT Certificate.

    • Click the + sign on each section to add a W9 and US DOT Certificate.

Tip: Be sure to upload the correct document in the correct field; otherwise, you may be asked to re-submit documents, which may delay your approval.

  • Tap submit, and you're done!

    • You'll receive a confirmation that all your documents are uploaded and you are Pending Verification.

*NOTE* Although it is NOT required to have Verified Carrier status on Super Dispatch to use the Carrier TMS or Mobile App, Verified Carrier IS required to request loads from Shippers via Super Loadboard. Unverified Carriers may only request or instantly book loads from Shippers who have issued them Approved or Preferred Status.

After submitting your documents, search for loads on Super Loadboard, but you can only request them once you have been Verified. We will let you know if there are any issues with the submitted documents.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us using the orange chat box below or by calling us at 816-974-7002.

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