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Driver App - Create a New Carrier Account

How to create an account for your Carrier from the Super Dispatch Mobile App

Updated over a week ago

Creating a new Carrier Account from the mobile app is easier than ever! We recommend this option if you are an Owner Operator who only needs the mobile app to create or import orders, complete inspections, and generate eBOLs & invoices.

Did you know?:

When you create a Carrier Account from the mobile app, you are also provided with FULL ACCESS to the Super Dispatch Carrier TMS for a 7-day free trial! You can log in to the Carrier TMS with the email and password you created for your mobile app account and explore the entire system here.

Let's get that account created! Here is how you can create a Carrier Account from the Super Dispatch mobile app:

Before you create your account, download Super Dispatch from your device's app store and ensure the app is installed.

Next, click Create Driver Account.

Fill out all of the required information in the Sign Up form. All fields are required, including a valid and active USDOT#.

Once completed, tap Verify.

On the next screen, you'll need to verify your USDOT# matches your Company's name. If everything looks correct, tap Confirm and Sign Up.

And that is how to create a new Carrier account from the Super Dispatch mobile app!

Keep in mind, this is most ideal for Owner Operators, and the account type will be classified as an Owner Operator account unless additional drivers are added via the Carrier TMS or a load offer email from a Shipper or Broker using Super Dispatch.

Think of the Super Dispatch mobile app as everything driver related – If you need to generate a BOL, mark damages, signatures, etc, that is all in the mobile app. The Carrier TMS Dashboard is everything dispatcher – The back-office stuff like running reports, organizing trips and contacts, Quickbooks Integrations.

If you are having any issues creating a new Carrier Account via the mobile app, please give our Support Team a shout by using the chat icon in the bottom right hand corner of the screen or email us at [email protected] 👋

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