Driver App - Request to Join Existing Carrier

Drivers: Sign up and join a Carrier already using Super Dispatch.

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If you are a Fleet Driver or are joining a Carrier company already using Super Dispatch, you can request to join the Carrier by signing up from the Super Dispatch Mobile App home screen.

Here is how:

First, tap Create Driver Account on the home screen of the Super Dispatch Mobile App.

Next, enter your Email, First & Last Name, Password, Phone Number, Password, and the USDOT# of the Carrier you are signing up with. Tap Verify.

If the Carrier is already on Super Dispatch, you'll receive a dialog box asking if you want to request to join the Carrier. Confirm the USDOT# and name of the Carrier are correct, then tap Send Request. If the USDOT# and Carrier name are not correct, tap Cancel, verify the USDOT# you entered is correct, then tap Verify again.

The account owner will receive an email with the option to approve the request to join their Carrier, and you'll then see the screen below.

NOTE: The account owner for the Carrier MUST approve you to join their Carrier company in order to sign in to the Super Dispatch Mobile App. Once they approve your request, you'll receive a notification by email that your Driver account has been activated.

Once the Super Dispatch account owner approves your request to join their Carrier, you'll receive an email like the one below. Tap Log In to Super Dispatch inside the email and proceed to sign in using the email and password you created during the sign-up process!

If you have any issues with Creating a Driver Account, have any questions, or just wanna say hello, contact us at +1 816-974-7002 or via the chat icon in the lower right corner of the screen! We are happy to help!

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