Driver App - Getting Started with the Super Loadboard

This article will introduce you to the Super Loadboard!

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Finding, requesting, and booking loads off the Super Loadboard is now easier than ever before in the Super Dispatch mobile app!

To access the Super Loadboard in the mobile app, click Loadboard from the bottom navigation menu.

How to Search and Filter Search Results

From the main Loadboard screen you can Search for loads, as well as see any suggested, requested, booked loads.

Tip: Suggested loads works by looking at your previous history of loads booked off the Super Loadboard. It looks at lanes traveled, origin and destination zip codes, rates, and vehicle types of loads you have previously booked to suggest similar loads to you, so you can get booking even faster!

In the Available Loads tab, you'll find all the loads available on the Super Loadboard.

Here you can search for loads by:

Location - Pickup and delivery city, state, and zip code

You can also tap Show Vehicle & Payment to search by:

Vehicles - Vehicle Type, Condition, Transport Type, and minimum number of vehicles per load.

Payment - Payment Terms, Minimum proce per mile, and minimum total price

To save a search and be alerted any time a load matching your search comes up check ✅ the Create Load Alert box. You can also Name and set a custom Load Alert Duration.

Once your search results are displayed, you can Sort by the following criteria: Newest Loads, Oldest Loads, Highest Price per Mile, Highest Price, Earliest Available Pickup, and Latest Available Pickup.

Attention Verified Carriers: If you are marked as a "Can Instantly book" Carrier by any shipper on Super Dispatch, you can now filter all search results to display only loads that you can BOOK NOW by toggling the ⚡️ icon near the search bar!

How to Request and Book Loads on the Super Loadboard:

To View any load's details tap on the load information square.

Once you have opened the load details, you will see all of the key info you may need:

You can Request the load tapping Request or by scrolling down and entering the following information: Your Contact Name, Your Pickup and Delivery Dates, and Your Requested Price.

Tip: Be sure to View and agree to the Terms and Conditions!

Congrats! You just requested a load off the Super Loadboard! If the Shipper who posted the load accepts your request, you'll be notified by the Super Dispatch Mobile App, and the load will then move into your Booked tab. It will also display in your Active Loads in the Loads tab of the mobile app with the rest of your loads as a New load.

If you have any questions about using the Super Loadboard from the mobile app, you can contact support by clicking the chat icon in the lower right corner of this page, or email us as [email protected]

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