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Carrier TMS - How To Re-send Activation Links To My Driver
Carrier TMS - How To Re-send Activation Links To My Driver

Is your driver still Pending Activation? Here is what to do!

Updated over a week ago

As always, with driver activation text messages & emails, please have your driver check his spam & promotions folders first and his blocked SMS messages (activation links often end up here by mistake).

If they cannot find them in any of these places, we've added the functionality of re-sending activation links to your drivers directly from Carrier TMS!

Just open your Drivers tab, select a driver who is pending activation & click on Resend Link in the upper right corner. The link can be re-sent once every 24 hours:

If the driver still does not receive the activation link, have them download the Super Dispatch app from the app store and click Log InForgot Password:

From here, they can send an email to themselves to reset the password for their account:

If this does not work for the driver, don't hesitate to contact our Support team at 816-974-7002 or click the Intercom logo in the lower right-hand corner of the page.

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