The Manage Carriers page in the Super Dispatch Shipper TMS is your internal Carrier directory. This is where all of the Carrier Profiles of the Carriers you interact with using Super Dispatch will be stored. To access the Manage Carriers page click on Manage Carriers from the menu on the left hand side of the screen. This page is located below all order statuses.

The Manage Carriers page looks like this:

In the Manage Carriers page – Carriers can be marked in the following ways: Approved, Preferred, Certificate Holder, Insurance Expired, Blacklisted, and Internal Carriers.


These are Carriers that have been vetted by your company and deemed approved to transport vehicles according to your company's requirements.


This means the Carrier has priority and can book loads you have posted instantly without having to request them.

Certificate Holder:

If you have been added as a Certificate Holder for any Carriers, those Carriers will display here.

Expired Insurance:

Any Carriers whose insurance has expired will move to this tab automatically.


Any Carriers who have been blacklisted by your company will display here.

Internal Carriers: Carriers who cannot use Super Dispatch and need to be added to your directory manually will be listed in this tab.

Carrier Profiles

The Carrier Profile is a complete and total overview of all of the Carrier's information provided to Super Dispatch via the Carrier who is using Super Dispatch, or via the FMCSA Database.

At the top of the Carrier Profile you'll see Verified Carrier status, as well as any of the other status icons that may apply such as: Approved, Preferred, Certificate Holder, Insurance Expired, Blacklisted, and Internal Carrier.

On the left side of the profile, you'll see Company, Contact, and Billing Information displayed. On the right side of the Carrier Profile is where you can manage the Carrier via the Internal Records and Internal Notes sections.

How to Manage a Carrier in Shipper TMS

Inside the Manage Carriers page in Shipper TMS, you can view Carrier Profiles, add internal attachments & notes, mark Carriers as Preferred & Approved, as well as check FMCSA Authority and Cargo Insurance status.

First, start by entering the Carrier's USDOT#, Company Name, or Email into the search bar at the top. Then click on the Carrier Profile of the Carrier that matches your search.

Once inside the Carrier Profile, navigate to the Internal Records section and hover to reveal the Edit icon, Click the Edit icon to open the Internal Records view:

Here in the Internal Records view, you can include a Custom External ID (API), designate a Carrier's Carrier Status, indicate if you are a Certificate Holder, add their Insurance Expiration Date, Insurance File, and any other Internal Attachments you may need to.

Quick Tip: We recommend utilizing the Internal Notes section to add custom notes about important details regarding the Carrier. This can be anything from listing reasons for blacklisting, or noting a Carrier's best point of contact. All of the information in the Internal Records and Notes Sections is private and can only be viewed by you.

Changing Carrier Status to Approved, or Approved & Preferred.

Remember: Approved & Preferred status gives the Carrier the option to book your loads instantly off the Super Loadboard!***

***If a preferred carrier requests a different date or price for a load, this will still require you to approve those requested changes before the load offer can be dispatched to the Carrier.

In the Internal Records view, click the dropdown menu and select Approved.
Next, make sure to check ✅ the Preferred option just below like this:

Once you have made the changes you need to make, click Save.

After you have marked a Carrier's status, they will show up in the corresponding tab within the main Manage Carrier's view like this:

Learn more about Approving Carriers below:

Approved Carrier Status for Carriers

How to Mark A Carrier as Preferred

And that is how to manage a Carrier! If you have any questions about managing carriers, Shipper TMS or Super Dispatch, give our Support Team a shout by clicking the chat icon in the lower right corner of your screen, or send us an email to [email protected]

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