Super Dispatch has two subscription options: The free load offer version of the software, and the paid subscription model. So what's the difference?

Super Dispatch Free Version:

-Free access to the Mobile App
-Access to the free Super Loadboard (via the app)
-Access to limited features on the Carrier TMS desktop software (access to Loadboard, Offers tab, and Carrier Profile)

Paid Subscription:

-Full access to the Carrier TMS desktop software and all of its features (Reporting, GPS Tracking, Trips, Loads Management, Contacts, Dashboard View, Easy Importing, Quickbooks etc.)
-Mobile App access for all drivers
-Access to the Loadboard via the Desktop account

"How much is the Carrier TMS?"

Super Dispatch charges the paid subscription based on the number of active drivers on the account ($50 per driver):

-Owner Operator (1 active Driver): $55
-Fleet (2 drivers): $100
-Fleet (3 Drivers): $150
-Fleet (4 Drivers): $200


Number of Drivers x $50 = Your Subscription price

Any time you deactivate a driver, your subscription price will automatically adjust. For example, if you are paying $150 per month for 3 drivers, and you deactivate 1 driver, your subscription plan will adjust to $100 per month. If you deactivate this driver in the middle of your payment cycle, your account will be credited back accordingly based on a pro-rated amount.

To view your Subscription Details, log into the Carrier TMS desktop application HERE, click the Profile icon in the lower left-hand corner, and click Subscription Details:

Here, you can add a card or update the existing payment information

If you have any questions about Subscriptions, pricing, or your payment plan, please reach out to our Support team at [email protected], or click the chat bubble in the lower right-hand corner of the page. Thanks again for using Super Dispatch!

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