Carrier TMS - Super Dispatch Subscription Plans

How much does Super Dispatch Cost? What do I get with the free version?

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How much does Super Dispatch Cost? What do I get with the free version?

Super Dispatch has two subscription plan options, so what are the differences?

Carrier TMS Lite Plan (Free Plan)

  • Free access to the Driver App, including Super Loadboard.

  • Access to free features in the Carrier TMS desktop software

    • Offers Page

      • Super Loadboard

    • Carrier Profile Page

    • Verified Carrier Page

Carrier TMS Premium Plan (Paid Plan)

  • Full access to the Carrier TMS desktop software and all of its premium features:

    • Load Management

    • Driver Management

    • Trip Management

    • Pre-built & Custom Reporting

    • GPS Tracking

    • Contacts

    • Dashboard View

    • Import Loads via PDF Dispatch Sheets or Chrome Extension

    • Quickbooks Integrations

    • Mobile App access for active drivers

"How much is the Carrier TMS Premium Plan?"

Super Dispatch Premium Plan pricing is seat based, meaning the cost of your monthly subscription is based on the number of active drivers you have.

  • 1st Active Driver: $55

  • 2+ Active Drivers: $50 per Driver

Example: Your company has 1 active driver and pays $55 per month for your monthly subscription to Carrier TMS. After hiring your 2nd driver and adding them to Super Dispatch Carrier TMS, your company pays $100 per month. (2 Drivers x $50 = $100)

Number of Drivers x $50 = Your Subscription price

Any time you deactivate a driver, your subscription price will automatically adjust. For example, if you are paying $150 per month for 3 drivers, and you deactivate 1 driver, your subscription plan will adjust to $100 per month. If you deactivate this driver in the middle of your payment cycle, your account will be credited back accordingly based on a pro-rated amount.

To view your Subscription Details, log into the Carrier TMS desktop application HERE, click the Profile icon in the lower left-hand corner, and click Subscription Details:

Here, you can add a card or update the existing payment information

If you have any questions about Subscriptions, pricing, or your payment plan, please reach out to our Support team at [email protected], or click the chat bubble in the lower right-hand corner of the page. Thanks again for using Super Dispatch!

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