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Shipper TMS - How to Accept/Decline Carrier Offers on the Super Loadboard
Shipper TMS - How to Accept/Decline Carrier Offers on the Super Loadboard

This Article will explain how to accept/decline load offers from the Super Loadboard within the Shipper TMS Website

Updated over a week ago

When a carrier requests a load offer from the Super Loadboard, that load request will show up in the Requests tab on your Shipper TMS menu:

Click the Requests page to view the request:

Click the Requests button to open the Load Request drawer:

Here you can view the load request and either Decline Or Send Offer. If declining the offer, click Decline and provide a detailed message about the reason for declining the load.

This information will be displayed on the Carrier's side in their Requested tab on the loadboard page for them to view

If you choose to Send Offer, the load will then be displayed in the Pending status:

Once the Carrier receives the load offer (via Email, Text & In-app), and accepts it, the load will display in the Accepted status:

From there, as the carrier continues to move the load through its lifecycle, you will see it change statuses to Picked Up, Delivered, Invoiced etc. You can view the load at any point in time, and make changes to it as well. To see the list of available actions for a load, click the 3 dot menu in the top right of the page:

If you have any more questions about load requests, click the Intercom chat button in the lower right-hand corner of the STMS, email Support @[email protected], or give us a call at 816-974-7002.

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