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Shipper TMS - How do I Create a Customer Portal?
Shipper TMS - How do I Create a Customer Portal?

Do you have customers that want regular updates to their orders? Get them a Customer Portal and they can have access at all times!

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When it comes to creating a Customer Portal, It will be part you and part us. You can start the process by creating them in your Customers section if you haven't already:

Make sure to hit Create New and fill out all information pertaining to that customer. Once that's done, hit Save.

After that, you will have to contact support! If you haven't done this before, there will be an orange speech bubble in the bottom right corner of your screen:

Click on that and hit Send us a message. There, you can text us and ask for a Customer Portal login. We would need the following information:

  • What is the customer's business name?

  • Has the customer been added to your Customers tab in Shipper TMS?

  • What is the customer's preferred Username, Email, and Password? (We can add multiple users if needed)

Once support has all of that information, we will get to work right away! We will return once the account is created! They can use their credentials in the same place you do, in the Shipper Login.

Real quick, let's show you how the Customer Portal works and how to keep your customer up to date! It really ties into when you are creating a load and is super easy. You have probably already been doing it.

Within the load, there is a section dedicated to Customer below the vehicle section:

When you click on the Business Name, you can begin typing the name of your customer and they will eventually show up in a drop-down box:

Click on their name and all of the info will autofill. It is vital that you click on their name within the drop-down box. If you type it all out, the STMS will not know to notify the Customer Portal and will not show on their side. Definitely make sure you are clicking on their name.

If you are curious as to how the Customer Portal looks, feel free to use the login we have provided to you or check out this article:

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact your Customer Success Manager! You can jump on the chat line in the bottom right of your system or call us at 816-974-7002!

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