Driver App - How to Perform an AIAG Inspection

Unfamiliar with an AIAG Inspection and don't know how to complete one? This article will show you how.

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AIAG stands for Automotive Industry Action Group and is an inspection type that applies to new vehicles. Since these vehicles are new, they are subject to a different type of inspection that has it's own unique "code" so to speak. Let's go into what this means.

Watch this quick video on how to complete an AIAG Inspection:

Let's start by going into the order on the app and clicking Start Inspection for this vehicle. It will take you to a page like this:

At the top, it will show the year, make, model, and VIN for this specific vehicle. Right off the bat, this inspection page looks much more different than the Standard or Advanced inspection. Let's go ahead and mark a damage on this vehicle.

NOTE: If there is no damage on the vehicle you are inspecting, you do not have to mark any damages or take any pictures. Just skip the inspection and go right to the signature.

In this case, we have damage in 2 spots. We have a crack going down the middle of the windshield and another crack in the sun roof. Let's go ahead and click Add Pickup Damage at the bottom.

So next a page will come up, asking for a 5 digit code. This is going to be the inspection code mentioned earlier. This code is an industry standard and is sometimes memorized by drivers who complete these kind of inspections frequently. For our situation, we don't have these memorized. So let's start with the first 2 digits, the Damage Area. Go ahead and tap where it says Select Damage Area.

You can scroll through all the possibilities of damage areas that are available to you. In this case, it's going to be the front windshield which is number 20. I will select 20 Windshield in the list.

Next is the Damage Type. We are looking for 06 Cracked. I will select this option.

After that is the Damage Severity. This damage is going across the whole windshield. We are going to pick number 5 Over 12'' 30 Cm & Over.

And lastly, take photos of the damage on the vehicle, 2 picture minimum. By the end of that, it should look like this:

Go ahead and click Save and that damage has been noted.

This vehicle had another crack going down the middle of the sun roof. The driver for this load would go ahead and go through the same process as before, only changing the Damage Area to show number 53 Sunroof instead. Now that these 2 damages have been noted, the inspection screen should look like this:

We have our 2 damages saved to the inspection! Once that has been completed, you can click Finish Pickup Inspection to finalize those damages and move forward to the signature.

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