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Driver App - How to Sort Delivered and Archived Loads
Driver App - How to Sort Delivered and Archived Loads

Find loads in your Super Dispatch Mobile App - faster!

Updated over a week ago

Need to find that old load you completed a few weeks ago? Tired of wasting time scrolling and scrolling in the mobile app to locate those older loads?

Well, now you can locate those old loads faster with the ability to sort by Newest First and Oldest First in the Delivered and Archived tabs inside the Super Dispatch Mobile app!

Here’s how to Sort Delivered and Archived loads:

First, tap on the loads icon:

Next, tap either the Delivered or Archived tab at the top.

Then, Select the Sort By drop down menu and sort by Newest First or Oldest First.

Now your delivered and archived loads will appear in the order selected!

And that is how to sort loads inside the Delivered and Archived Tabs within the Super Dispatch Mobile App!

If you are having trouble sorting correctly and need assistance, or you have a suggestion for our team on how to improve this feature, click on the chat icon in the bottom right or send us an email at [email protected]

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