So, you’ve delivered a load and now you’re ready to get paid! Below are some tips to ensure you have done everything on your end as the Carrier, which may be required by a Broker or Shipper on Super Dispatch in order for them to remit payment.

NOTE: Super Dispatch is NOT a Brokerage or a Shipper, nor does the Super Dispatch platform handle any aspect of the Broker/Shipper to Carrier payment process. If you need to inquire about payment, you’ll need to reach out to the Broker or Shipper directly. Super Dispatch Customer Support cannot directly assist you in receiving payment. If you need to contact a Broker or Shipper, you’ll find their information in the Shipper/Customer field on the load, or in their Shipper Profile.

Presently, Super Dispatch does not and cannot mediate disagreements or payment disputes between Brokers/Shippers and Carriers.

Here are some tips that may help to ensure you can get paid by a Broker or Shipper in a timely manner:

1. Always use the mobile app to inspect, mark damages, collect signatures, update statuses, and generate BOLs.

Think of your Super Dispatch Mobile App as an eBOL / ePOD generator. As you proceed through the life-cycle of the order in the mobile app by performing inspections, getting signatures, and updating statuses, you are creating an eBOL which almost ALL Brokers and Shippers will require be submitted for “Proof of Delivery”. Once you’ve completed your pickup and delivery inspections, follow the prompts in the mobile app to send the eBOL to the necessary individuals.

2. Ensure that the status is marked as delivered.

Brokers and Shippers using Super Dispatch get pickup and delivery notifications as well as status updates in real time. If the status of the order is not updated correctly to delivered, the Broker or Shipper will likely not know to pay you!

3. After delivery, be sure to send that invoice!

By sending the Broker or Shipper an Invoice you are formally telling them that you have completed your end of the agreement and transaction, and it’s time for them to pay you!

4. Pay attention to payment terms and methods, as well as the Broker or Shipper’s Terms & Conditions.

This is HOW you will get paid, and WHEN the Broker or Shipper will pay you. When booking a load on the Super Loadboard, be sure to pay attention to the payment method, the payment terms, and the Terms & Conditions! This way you will know exactly what to expect in terms of how you will be paid, and when you will be paid.

5. Contact the shipper by phone or email to follow up once you have invoiced them.

Just like Carriers, Brokers and Shippers are busy too! Be sure to email the Broker or Shipper, or call and leave a voicemail with your name, a Load ID, and your contact information so they can follow up with you.

If you need additional assistance, have any questions, or just wanna say "hello", click the chat icon in the bottom right corner of your screen. Our dedicated Customer Support Team is standing by to help!

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